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About Us

our mission

At Get Out And Try - St. Croix Valley, we believe there's a great big, beautiful world to be discovered right here in our own backyard.

We believe life's better when people get out of the house, come together, try something new, or just bust out of their daily routines, if only for an afternoon.

We believe we all deserve more out of life than getting the garbage out on time, the oil changed, and the kids off to school.

But sometimes you just can’t FIND that thing you want to do. You sift across social media and Google hoping something pops up, but by the time you find something, if you find something, it's usually too late and you've missed it. Argh.

That's why we're creating this online master calendar and directory for the St. Croix Valley. We want to INSPIRE you and make it EASY for you to find something cool and fun to do, whether you're flying solo or bringing the kids.

Our HOPE? That our communities in the St. Croix Valley flourish along with us as we all try new things, make new friends, and come together to Get Out And Try.

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(715) 204-4789

PO Box 1418
Hudson, WI 54016